Sons and Lovers

Episode 13.


Peter saw a familiar frame as he headed towards the cafeteria. He wasn’t sure. Could it really be her? He tried to catch up with her. She had seen him and turned her face away. Could she be trying to avoid him? He finally caught up with her.
“Ize,” he said loudly and tapped her on the shoulder. He would not be rebuffed. When she turned to face him, he nearly gasped. She was like a shell of her former self. She looked quite thin and she had dark circles under her eyes.
“Ize, what happened to you?” he asked as she tried to sidestep her way past him to a nearby table.
“I told you I was ill,” she said simply.
“Not that ill,” he said as he took a seat beside her.
“What is it Ize?” he said looking at her earnestly. “You can tell me.”
Suddenly, her lower lip quivered as the tears started to fall.


Chidera couldn’t help it. She was crying when they took him into the ambulance. Ruth and Remi had tried to assure her that he would be alright but she had known in that moment just how much she cared for him and how painful it would be to tear herself away from him? So, what if he had a child? It was in his past. Should he be punished for what was in his past? She had made some mistakes too, after all. She couldn’t believe how rapidly she was seeing things from another perspective. But, she decided that come what may when Richard got better, she would be there for him. Who knew what would have happened if she hadn’t shown up when she did? He needed her.


Ruth’s heart gave a sudden leap when she heard her phone ringing. She wondered why she was acting like a teenager but she couldn’t deny the palpitations she had at the sound of Tomiwa’s voice. And more recently, whenever her phone was ringing.
She picked up the phone from the bed and answered it. It was Tomiwa.
A deep rich baritone, one she didn’t recognize came over the phone. “Hello babe.”
She wondered if Tomiwa was playing a trick on her.
“Tomiwa is that you?” she asked hesitantly.
“It sure is,” the voice said.
“I’ve wanted to meet you all day. Come and meet me in front of the cafeteria. I’ll be standing right beside that tree that is in front of it.”
“You sound funny,” she said.
“Well, I’ve been practicing this voice all day for you dear. I thought you’d like it. I’ll be waiting for you.”
“It’s fine,” she said, unsure. “Ok, I’ll be on my way.”
She wondered why her heart beat a little faster as she got ready to go and meet him. Was it from fear or excitement…or the feeling that something was not quite right.



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