Sons and Lovers

Episode 19.


Ize was shocked as she peered at the woman in front of her. Was this not Ruth? She had thought she was going out with Tomiwa, one of Peter’s friends. What was she doing in the arms of a man like Dare? Ruth had glanced at her but gave no sign of recognition. She turned her face away. Perhaps she should mind her own business
“Ize, what do you want?”’ Dare asked her his tone gruff. He was angry with his boys for not letting him know she was around before she walked in. She was a regular visitor to his room on campus but they should have been more careful here. He did not know if she knew Ruth or not. He had received her call earlier but had forgotten about it. He would have had time to lock up Ruth. He certainly did not think she would have been able to get their location on her own.
“You know what I want Dare. Or are you too busy with your latest catch to attend to me?” her tone spiteful. Her tone reassured Dare. She actually thought that Ruth and him were a couple.
“Oh, stop whining. I’ll give it to you so you’ll be on your way. Do you have the money?” he said standing up and going towards the door that led to his room.
“Of course I have it,” Ize snapped.
As soon as he left them, Ruth said softly: “You have to help me get out of here.”
Ize looked at her in shock but neither was able to say anything before Dare came back with a package in his hands. He gave Ize the nylon bag and she handed over the money to him wordlessly. Ruth was staring at her with her big eyes and mouthing the words: “Please help me.”
As she turned to leave, Dare said: “I gave you a little extra. That should keep you for some time I think.”
“Yeah. Whatever,” Ize snorted. “Just don’t make it so hard for me to find you next time.”
Dare smiled and said nothing and shakily Ize got to her car. She entered the car and put her head on the steering wheel. Obviously Ruth was being held there against her will. She didn’t know what she could do but she had to do something fast. Her tires screeched as she sped off.


Tomiwa and Remi sat down in the room next to Dare’s, their senses alert to every movement beside them. Tomiwa had discovered that by pure chance, one of his friends resided in the room next to Dare’s so Remi and him had decided to keep watch from there. He hoped they would find or hear something that would give them a clue of how to find Ruth. But so far, they had been there for three hours but had not heard anything. He hoped they wouldn’t have to stay all night. Suddenly, he heard a knock. Remi held up a hand. There was another knock. They listened.
“Kai it be like say d guy don travel o,” a male voice said.
“How we go come do o?” another male voice said. “How we go get the stuff tonight?”
“Should we call him?” the first voice said.
“I’ve been calling him since but he did not pick. Maybe we should call him later,” the other voice said.
They heard footsteps as if leaving the front of his room and then Tomiwa stepped out of the other romm.
“How far my guys?” he said to them cheerily. “Na Dare you wan see abi?”
They eyed him suspiciously but said nothing. “Me sef dey find am. I wan collect stuff too but I don lose his number. Please you fit give me his number?”
The first guy. A short, wiry looking fellow surveyed him from head to toe then nodded to himself.
“The thing don dey do ur body one kind abi? Oya bring your phone out make u collect his number.”


Peter and Chidera sat down at one of the booths in Queen Alphy, feeling rather uncomfortable. The thick cigarette smoke made Peter’s eyes water and the steaming pepper soup they had ordered did not help to relieve the situation. Chidera coughed intermittently.
“Let’s try to act natural, like we belong here,” Peter said under his breath as he wiped his eyes.
Chidera sputtered a laugh. “I doubt if we will be able to pull that one off,” she said.
Some shady looking characters approached the bar. They were huge and muscular with tattoos. He didn’t recognize any of them and wondered if they were students. They walked on to a nearby table making a lot of ruckus. He was trying to decide whether to go over to them, introduce himself and try to ingratiate himself into their gang when his phone rang. He glanced at the caller id and heaved a sigh of relief. It was Ize. Thank goodness, he had been trying to reach her for hours. He quickly pushed the answer button.



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